Record Matching Software

The ChoiceMaker record matching solution is transparent and open software with an effective development process

  • Matches personal identifying information (PII)
  • Adapts to available datasets and learns from expert analysts
  • Use multiple fields such as names, addresses, and birth dates even when they're not complete and reliable  

ChoiceMaker software usually runs in client’s secure environments and our experts are available to guide project development

With over 20 years of experience, ChoiceMaker is the best solution to affordably produce accurate record matches on scale

ChoiceMaker software matches personal identifying information (PII) datasets for government agencies, research organizations, and other customers, enabling them to produce useful insights that informs effective public policy and process development.

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When merging large datasets, selecting records that refer to the same individual at scale can be a complicated task

The records in each database may contain different amounts of information in different formats. Names, places, times and events often are referred to in various ways, and these things can change over time.

Accurately finding the matches and eliminating duplication at scale can be time consuming and expensive.

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ChoiceMaker software and professional services makes it easier to link datasets efficiently and accurately

ChoiceMaker, the product of years of research and development, is used by leading public health agencies around the world.

ChoiceMaker first imports, standardizes, and deduplicates the data.  It then uses innovative algorithms to block, match, and analyze the record matches producing linked datasets needed for research and public policy development.

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With our depth of our experience and expertise, ChoiceMaker professional  services helps our clients produce results faster and easier

ChoiceMaker is the go-to standardized solution to accurately match personally identifying information (PII) data on scale.

ChoiceMaker automates many time-consuming tasks and openly and flexibly to accommodates varying situations encountered when matching datasets of different origins and quality.

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ChoiceMaker Customers

“Accurate, reliable, and efficient record linkage is essential to the mission of the Children’s Data Network, so choosing the right linkage partner was crucial to our success.

We chose well when selecting ChoiceMaker. The program is powerful, adaptive, and incredibly efficient. And they have been tremendous partners, helping us learn, grow, and achieve our goals.”

Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Ph.D.

Director, Children’s Data Network

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Learn why ChoiceMaker is the best choice for personally identifying information record matching

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