Our History

ChoiceMaker software began in 1998 as a collaboration between the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Dr. Andrew Borthwick to use machine learning to reduce the number of duplicate records in the Citywide Immunization Registry. Based on the significant reduction of duplicates achieved by this pilot project, Dr. Borthwick founded ChoiceMaker Technologies, Inc and together with Dr. Arthur Goldberg built a company that developed and patented a number of innovative record matching algorithms.

Probabilistic record linkage model derived from training data

US Patent #6523019 (2003)


Automated Database Blocking and Record Matching

US Patent #7152060 (2006)


Batch Automated Blocking and Record Matching

US Patent #7899796 (2011)


Other collaborators on these patents include Martin Buechi, Adam Winkel and Put Cheung.

In 2009, ChoiceMaker Technologies sold its patents to the Open Invention Network, which makes them available royalty-free under simple terms spelled out on the organization's website.

In 2010, ChoiceMaker Technologies released its software as open source under the Eclipse Public License, and transferred its trade marks to Rick Hall, and in 2014, with guidance from Kiren Karra, ChoiceMaker LLC was founded to maintain and extend ChoiceMaker software.

We gratefully acknowledge the strong foundations built by our former colleagues at ChoiceMaker Technology Inc.

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